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From food to fashion to the events and culture of Connaught Place, New Delhi, CP Diaries is a food and travel blog for everything about CP. Make your trip into CP and experiences of the market more memorable, enjoyable and at the same time more economical through this blog. So the next time you hear someone say ‘Lost in CP?’ or ‘CP chalna hai?’, you know what to do.


Why CP?

CP is one of the largest market places in India, the large variety of restaurants and street food vendors makes it a foodies delight, its architecture stands out, and it is also an emerging cultural center from the odd theater performance in the Central Park, or Raahgiri that happens every Sunday morning to the grafitti and artwork in the area. So that got me thinking, both locals and tourists should be able to enjoy one of India’s largest market places to the optimum!
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Going deeper, you will also find the thoughts of CP, what it is and what it represents. Apart from insight into CP and interviews related to CP, this site goes a little personal and philosophical, because the heart of any city is always also a personal journey.

“I asked my soul:

What is Delhi?

She replied: The world is the body and Delhi its life”

– Mirza A. Ghalib

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Raahgiri Day, CP

Raahgiri Day is India’s first sustained car-free citizen initiative started in 2013. This day is modelled after “Cyclovia”, an event that began in Bogotá, Colombia in 1976, which closed streets to cars and opened them for the exclusive use of people. This concept has gone on to inspire several cities around the world, with 110 cities in the world currently celebrating such an initiative.
In Delhi, car-free Sundays now take place each week at various locations, the most prominent being Connaught Place. On 12th July, 2015, this movement completed one year in Connaught Place.

For 4-5 hours in the morning, to come together in large numbers and use the street for recreation that promotes health, well-being, fitness, togetherness and joy. Children and adults are invited to bike, skate, run and walk; to partake in community leisure activities such as street games, street dancing; and to learn yoga, aerobics and zumba. The recurring event celebrates the fact that cities are meant for people, not cars.
(Text adapted from Wikipedia and Raahgiri Day Website)

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